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Big Girls Don't Cry (2012)

by Taylor Lee(Favorite Author)
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Blonde Barracuda
review 1: 3.5 stars Jake is brought in to solve the murder of Lexie's brother, Anthony who we met in Nights in white Satin. The team of Jake, Brady and Clint along with Lexie get to show off their fighting skills as they solve the murder and then some. In the meantime, Jake finds himself taken with the beautiful Lexie with the horrid childhood and teenage years. Can he tame the blonde beauty who thinks she has to go it alone?I really like this team of players. Lexie is strong and doesn't betray herself by acting like a dumb blonde. The guys are all gorgeous and alphas - ready to fight and protect. This book isn't going to tax your brain but still enjoyable.
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed this freebie! It proper surprised me. I loved the interaction between Lexie and Jake
... more, the fact he has manners, and proper southern charm, the fact that he has no idea why he gets his knickers in a twist every time she appears! But what I really enjoyed was the build up to their relationship, yes there is chemistry, and spark and fire, but it was halfway before they did the deed, and it's not described in great detail. more a remembering for Lexi, and how she felt, and how Jake introduced her to his loving.some violence, they are, after all, involved in a drug war and all that entails.Will look out for more books about these two! less
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Is a great book to read forever and ever since the heart of a great book to read
I liked the story. I had pretty much guessed who did it early on.
Loved it!!! Will be reading more from this author!!!
Kindle free download 8/8/12.
Amazon Freebie 11/14/2012
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