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The Moscow Affair (2000)

by Taylor Lee(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 4
International Romantic Intrigue Series
review 1: I think I might be a bit generous with my 2 star rating, but gave it such because maybe it was just not the right book for me. The story is about Rafe and Nicki, who work as special agents, and Rafe is the boss. They receive a case in which wealthy girls are being kidnapped to be auctioned to the highest bidder. In the office, of course everyone is amazingly beautiful and Nicki is gorgeous badass virgin (at 24 y.o. I think). The banter between Rafe and Nicki lacked for me, and I greatly disliked the dialogue throughout the book. Not my kind of book.
review 2: high action, slight suspense, lots of sexual tension. GREAT MC'S!! not the typical mushy thrill chaser read. a little dark as it is centered around human trafficking. a little too far fetched with the
... more whole delta team 'I got friends in high and low places' but it did add some intrigue. a good cold weather read, but some parts will leave your heart racing so don't attempt to read in public less
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A really good book, an interesting mix of action and romance.
secret agents..human trafficking..ancient feud
All of Taylor Lee's are suspenseful and sexy
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