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The Same River Twice (2010)

by Ted Mooney(Favorite Author)
3.09 of 5 Votes: 5
0307272737 (ISBN13: 9780307272737)
review 1: I decided to read this book, at the suggestion of someone else that this was a page-turner. I love a good page-turner. Well, they were right, I was certainly turning the pages, but only to find out if anything interesting was going to happen. Or to find out if the action was going to continue. It seemed as if the author kept building up different scenes only to have them fizzle out. Girl gets snatched up by crazy goons and then they just let her go... I was expecting more from this book, but it just wasn't there.
review 2: No lack of action and plot in this thriller set in Paris, but not a lot of ideas. I liked reading this after "Disgrace", a book with just the reverse. One of the main characters is a film-maker who is shooting a film which features sev
... moreeral of the other main characters, interesting details and maybe that's the key to this book. That it's cinematic is its technique, lots of jump cutting, looking at the surface of things, letting the meaning come from the sum of many small angles? less
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Loved this book - highly recommended mystery (and very erotic).
Tedious experiment in staying on the surface of things.
Hated it.
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