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Rachel Rising, Volume 1: The Shadow Of Death (2012)

by Terry Moore(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 4
1892597519 (ISBN13: 9781892597519)
Abstract Studio
Rachel Rising
review 1: I've written about how I think comics encompass the highest form of visual storytelling -- the perfect marriage of images and text, allowing readers an immersive visual experience like film, but at their own pace like prose. Rachel Rising, written and drawn by Tony Moore, is an example of the highest height to which this medium can soar. Man, the pacing, the detail, the characterization, the dialogue, the style... everything about the book is pitch perfect. It'll scare the mess out of you while making you fall in love with the cast. It'll charm you. And, best of all, it'll challenge you; the ideas present in the book are powerful. However, unlike many great comics that are really ABOUT something, Rachel Rising doesn't seem to be pushing an ideology. It's pushing IDEAS... t... morehought... introspection, and questions. It's a fantastic comic, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
review 2: The storytelling is simple and sparse, though that only allows the story to breathe and simmer. There's not much to tell in this volume other than to set up some exciting things for future volumes as well as lay down the groundwork for the whole series, which Moore is more than capable of doing. Moore is also great at doing more with less in terms of character development. Can't wait to read vol. 2. less
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Solid art, story telling and a cool concept, but it didn't really click with me.
Muertos que salen de las tumbas. Niveles de repelús a tope.
writing is, simply, superb. effortless, succinct, human.
Fucking awesome.
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