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In The Forest Of Forgetting (2014)

by Theodora Goss(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 4
1907881182 (ISBN13: 9781907881183)
Papaveria Press
review 1: Theodora Goss writes beautiful, magical prose. In the introduction, Terri Windling describes the author's background as a displaced immigrant who crossed the Iron Curtain from Hungary as a young girl, and discusses how it has shaped her ability to navigate the "borders of time, of gender, of genre, of landscape, of culture, and of expectation." This really isn't an exaggeration- the stories in this book are rich and dark fairy tales, but they also span a wide variety of themes (love, loss, displacement, otherness...to name a few) with subtlety and grace.
review 2: This is a collection of short stories by Theodora Gross. Some of the tales are different takes on classic fairy tales such as "Sleeping with Bears" where a Southern society girl marries a bear, with
... morethe story told by her jaded/envious sister. This is a take on Rose Red/ Rose White. Other stories in this format include " A Rose in Twelve Petals" and "Feeling Very Strange" (Sleeping Beauty) and The title story is reminiscient of Alice's journey in the forest, but is the tale of a woman suffering from dementia. One of my favorite tales was Lessons with Miss Grey, where a group of Southern girls take magic lessons and learn how to get their heart's desire, although not without consequences. Another intriguing story was that of a painter in a country with a strict regime who sees real artistry and seeks out the artist as a teacher, only to to find that the teacher embues the paintings with the souls of her students. This was a unique and interesting collection with only a little uneveness in the stories. less
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Unusual stories, beautifully told with a dash of fairy tale in the mix.
Why, what a beautiful book!
Indy library has.
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