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The Good Boy (2013)

by Theresa Schwegel(Favorite Author)
3.26 of 5 Votes: 4
125000179X (ISBN13: 9781250001795)
Minotaur Books
review 1: The Good Boy is a story about a officer with a police dog who sniffs out drugs at a party where his daughter is attending. His eleven year old son has followed her to the party and the dog Butchie has gotten out of his control to do this. Fearing that something will happen to his beloved dog, the young boy takes off with the dog fearing that something bad will happen if he and his dog are captured. During the confusion of the dog biting incident a gun was brought out and an innocent boy was shot. The story revolves around the policeman's twofold goals of finding his missing son and figuring out the story of what really happened at the party. Overall, the book is quite good but I did think that the sections regarding the young son on the run dragged on a bit too ... morelong.
review 2: I love this book, but some characters annoyed me. However, I realize that these characters like Joel's mom are flawed like we are. Throughout the book, The Good Boy shows what family will do out of love (Joel goin to Zach's party to warn his sister), or Pete, Joel's dad, and Joel's mom fight with each other. They shut each other out. Joel is a loveable character with his incredible memory and loyalty and love for Butch, his dad's K9 dog. I love the way Schwegel switched PoVs (Pete and Joel). I love when authors do this because then you see multiple sides of the story. This book reminds of a regular family with their rough patches. It can seem like any regular family. I think this book is for someone who likes a good mystery, dogs, police, or a happy ending. While it does swear a lot (sometimes takes away the magic of a touching scene), it still made me want to cry in some scenes. This swearing business could go either way though. For me, it made the story seem more real because in time of stress or anger we tend to lash out with our words. A beautiful story with flawed, but loveable characters. less
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Couldn't put it down, anxious to see how it was going to end!
another grim and humorless read--no more from this author.
Best read all summer!!!!!
not bad
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