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Ascending Into Euphoria: A Collection Of Poetry (2012)

by Tiffany Tinney(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 4
1426966911 (ISBN13: 9781426966910)
review 1: Tinney’s slim collection of poetry is divided into poems of the heart, of nature, of her thoughts, and then a potluck category. I’m no expert on poetry. For me, some of the poems seem elegantly simple, while others seem amateurishly plain. Some of Tinney’s writings whimsically interpret life situations in a different light…as I thought poetry was meant to do. I liked her comparison of friends to autumn leaves. It’s difficult to like or dislike poems dealing with her own relationships. Readers, like me, may feel that revelations about her virginity and intimate moments are not the stuff of poetry. Or, maybe her words don’t convey her emotion meaningfully. Tinney’s writing may benefit from maturity and practice? There is a notation that the writing covers a spa... moren of time from age 14 thru 25. The cover picture and colors are very attractive.
review 2: This collection of poetry is unequivocally delivered with heart-felt emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed her expressive views, as they convey her candid feelings about various aspects in her life. Consequently,some of these poems educe memories that reflect parallel sentiments I felt as a teenager. In detail, I believe her emotion is real,and at times;raw. Her perspective addresses moods that we can empathize with. Great read! less
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I love this book so much. The poems are touchy and great. And some of them are so me. Great book! :)
Of course I wrote it, so I've already read it lol. Looking forward to what others think.
I have nothing to say about this book of poetry... or whatever this is......
Horrible. Absolute waste of time.
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