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Electric Barracuda (2011)

by Tim Dorsey(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 4
0061876899 (ISBN13: 9780061876899)
William Morrow
Serge Storms
review 1: This is the first Tim Dorsey novel I've read. Perhaps I was too affected by the "gonzo humor" review on the dust jacket, but for me the story was slow in developing. But once it got going, I found it to be enjoyable, interesting, informative (assuming the history and geography are accurate), and both quick and light reading. Not as humorous (no laugh out loud moments) as Janet Evanovich, but more informative. After reading most of JE's Stephanie Plum series it was nice to read a less formulaic but equally entertaining caper story.I particularly enjoyed the homage to Dashiell Hammitt and writers of that ilk, in the person of a detective who was one of the main characters. I also found the other main character to be a bad guy I could cheer for. Suffice it to say that I will ... morebegin to look for Tim Dorsey when I go shopping for books.
review 2: Of all of the books that Tim Dorsey has written to date, this is certainly one of them. And, to this reader, that is definitely NOT a bad thing!!If you're familiar with Tim's Serge A. Storms series, you know what to expect in this book – and it delivers. Serge and Coleman tour Florida, stopping to look at significant and historic sites. Someone – usually several someones with different motives – are in active pursuit. (In this book, Tim actually pokes fun of this aspect of his books, with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Crown Vic actively followed by a series of other vehicles throughout the novel.) And, a few people who have insufficient respect for their fellow men and/or the natural resources and history of the State of Florida meet a gruesome – and highly creative – demise. I typically read my series in order, but once you get past the first 5 or 6 in this particular series, you can pretty much jump and skip around – BUT NOT WITH THIS BOOK. There are a few major character developments among the supporting cast – at least the few that make an appearance in this book – that the reader is encouraged to read earlier books in this series before tackling this one.RATING: If you like the ongoing chronicles of Serge's travels, 4 stars. If you do not, 2½ would be more applicable I really do like them, so he gets a 4 from me.POSTSCRIPT: It should be noted that when Tim Dorsey does a live appearance and chooses to do a reading from his works, THIS is the book he typically selects to read from. less
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Not really my style of books. I love the titles, but the stories aren't my favorite.
Fun, yet totally unbelievable. A good book if you don't take it to seriously.
Amazingly hilarious and thrilling. It was a fabulous mystery and comedy.
Classic Serge and Coleman
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