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Salvage And Demolition (2013)

by Tim Powers(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 2
159606515X (ISBN13: 9781596065154)
Subterranean Press
review 1: This is a novella by Tim Powers, kind of in the style of steampunk, illustrated with actual photos per chapter of the characters in various unusual poses, meant to evoke the strange situations in which they find themselves. The plot is short, but good. It involves time travel (but it is a weird kind of time travel that isn't very controllable, as well as evil worshippers of a Lovecraftian kind of god that personifies the opposite of being. Liked the plot twist at the end.
review 2: Basically a short story and not a very good one at that. It's a time travel mystery but I didn't think there was much substance to the story either the first time I tried reading it or the second time when it read it all. Clearly, I'm in the minority since the average rating on thi
... mores is quite high. I don't care for short stories. Not enough time for character development so that may also have affected my view of the book less
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Fun read--between this and THE ANUBIS GATE, I might need to check out more Tim Powers...
I do enjoy a good time travel story, and this one makes a nice evening's entertainment.
great afternoon read! romance, intrigue,and time travel
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