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Rotipüüdja (2014)

by Tim Stevens(Favorite Author)
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John Purkiss
review 1: John Purkiss is the Ratcatcher. He and his team go after members of the British Intelligence who are dealing with the enemy, etc. This time, they are in Estonia, where the presidents of Russia and Estonia are to meet--but not everyone wants this to happen. The opposition has a bomb, and has attempted to stop Purkiss in numerable ways. One operative has been killed--his lover-- and he finds that she was on the other side and was hoping to turn him to her cause. This is more physical than cerebral.
review 2: This is the first novel in the Tim Perkins series. The protagonist is a special agent for British clandestine services, and his assignment is to detect and eliminate, euphemistically speaking, "rats" (embedded enemy double agents). The. setting is Est
... moreonia, one of the countries that composed the former Soviet Union. The Russian leader is preparing to attend a ceremony honoring Estonian war dead, and the event becomes the venue for an assasination attempt. I love biography, history, and historical fiction from the Slavic region set during this era. So much intrigue, corruption runs rampant, memories and old grudges seem to last forever. This is a good espionage genre mystery thriller that keeps surprising the reader until the final pages. less
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I could not get into the story, and didn't finish reading the book.
Good story.
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