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In The Barrister’s Chambers - Sang Pengacara (2012)

by Tina Gabrielle(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 5
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Regency Barrister
review 1: This was on a recommended list and the first page sample was the best part of a disappointing novel. I wish the whole book( and yes I did finish it because I kept waiting for it to improve) was as intriguing as that sample. The guilty party was too easy to predict, the main characters never became anyone I cared about and the supposedly intelligent main character never used her brains to help figure out how to help her supposed fiance. Parts of the book sounded like they were written by a historian.
review 2: In the Barrister's Chambers was a page turner from beginning to end. Hero Jack Harding took my breath away, just as he did Evelyn Darlington's. After reading Lady of Scandal, I was anxious to read another one of Tina's Regency titles...and this one sur
... moreely does not disappoint! Tina gives away just enough to tease the reader, and keep her on the edge of her seat. I had a lot of fun being "seduced" by Jack Harding, as well as guessing the identity of the infamous killer. In the Barrister's Chamber is not to be missed. Kudos, Tina Gabrielle!! less
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Me ha gustado, tiene un toque de originalidad que lo hace atractivo aunque sea muy previsible.
bener ajah... buku selanjutnya akan gw cari jadinya... hmpffth
Three and a half stars.
*** author
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