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Lady Of Scandal - Wanita Penuh Skandal (2009)

by Tina Gabrielle(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: I absolutely absorbed this book. There were no down sides in my opinion. The plot was perfectly times and arranged. I can't begin to type how perfect I thought this story was. I rarely read a story that has the perfect measurement of every aspect; romance, mystery, intrigue, detail, etc. I just picked this up randomly at the library based on the description and title and am so grateful I did. Everyone who loves romances should try this out! Blake has been truly harmed by Victoria's family and decided that using Victoria would help him get his revenge. Victoria on the other hand decides that she can take anything he deals out and turn the table on him. The interactions between them are full of fire. Great Read!
review 2: Well, no wonder this has such a
... more low rating on GR . . . I like a good revenge story even more than the next person. Sadly, I could not finish because the writing is so rudimentary, so Historical Romance 101. Little historical atmosphere. Lots of dialogue to move the story along. No subtlety. Generic stock Regency characters. If this was fan-fiction which I can read for free, I would be more lenient. Unfortunately, this is a Zebra publication and a waste of dead trees as far as I am concerned.Grade: C-/DNF less
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I enjoyed the story of Victoria and Blake. It was touching to watch their relationship blossom.
I enjoyed the story and love it, but I prefer the second book better than this.
very funny, awesome, major girl power. haha take that boys.
Seru, konfliknya naik turun.Steamy juga romance-nya.
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