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Death's Shadow (2000)

by T.J. Hamilton(Favorite Author)
4.59 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I have loved Tatiana since TJ Hamilton's Making Thyme series. I was hooked in just the brief glimpse we did get from her and I love that she got her own book. Taken and sold in to the sex slave trade, Tatiana has been through hell. She's been bought, sold, beaten and had everything taken from her.She has every reason not to want to go on, but she does, and she comes back with a vengeance. After all, no one would suspect the Prima Ballerina. This book is so well written. It's full of suspense and intrigue and underneath it all, the hope of a new life and love. You get the feeling of satisfaction as Tatiana takes down those that wronged her, and you can feel her desperation when she knows she can't be found out. She doesn't want Luka to know, he's the one thing that brings h... moreer happiness. The one thing she strives for. Her past has shaped who she has become and the TJ does a brilliant job at showing you just what she did go through. Just who she was depended on what role she had to play. The only time she could be herself was with her beloved Luka. And even then, she had secrets, she had to protect him. TJ takes what appears to be a secondary character and puts her center stage and she just draws you in. I truly hope that this isn't the end for Tatiana. A woman such as she deserves more. The only spoiler I will give, is that you best be sitting down and have a few shots poured when you reach the ending. And that's all you will get from me. A 5 star read for any lover of dark and suspense.
review 2: Reviewed for hookedonbooksThe moment Tatiana left Australia, she knew her life would change forever. But not in the way she thought, she suffered abuse after abuse at the hands of Bratva. Now Dmitri, Dima, the devil himself, is dead and she wants revenge !Such a powerful story line that grips you in from the very beginning and keeps you gripped until the end. Excellent writing from T J Hamilton, i will be sure to check out more of her novels after reading such a gripping story, the plot was brilliant and ran at a steady and gripping pace, 100% recommended. 5 hooked stars. less
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Awesome Book! If you like dark reads this is for you. Dark, raw, suspenseful and more!
OMG!!! Love it!! Review to follow!!
3.5 stars
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