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The Sixsmiths Volume 1 (2010)

by Jason Franks(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
1593622023 (ISBN13: 9781593622022)
SLG Publishing
review 1: Jason Franks is an interesting writer with an original turn of mind. The Sixsmiths is a brilliant idea. Take an average suburban family dealing with a typical mundane crisis - retrenchment, a loss of income and a shift in neighbourhood and schools. Add a twist - they're satanists. This scenario obviously lends itself to plenty of opportunity to comment upon being religions in a world torn by sectarian strife and assailed by materialism. It's hard to hold on to your faith and fit in with the mainstream, but the Sixsmiths do their best to do their unholy duty and stay true to their depraved ideals and there's a certain nobility in that. Franks doesn't just play it for laughs either. Like the best of all comedy, we feel for the characters as real people and the melodrama work... mores as drama. J Marc Schmidt brings it all to life with his simple yet effective cartooning. The visual storytelling is clear, the drawing is humorous and the characters distinctive. A fine blend of words and pictures which is the essence of a good graphic novel. A clever satirical work with heart (even if it is a black one).
review 2: A deeply religious family faces hard times after the father loses his job. The twist? The family are Satanists. So that is funny, and there is a lot of humor, but there is also a lot that anyone of any faith can relate to. The oldest daughter who is rebelling against her parent's religion. The younger teens siblings who are bored being dragged off to church functions. How hard it is to maintain faith when bad things happen. less
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Tongue in cheek comic about modern day satanists.
reviewing for voya.
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