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Midnight Movie (2010)

by Tobe Hooper(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 5
0307717011 (ISBN13: 9780307717016)
Broadway Books
review 1: A nerdy, heterosexual male's soft porn paranormal fantasy involving Zombies with oozing faces and rotting flesh, who tear their own limbs off and generally terrorise the world. Told gutturally in the format of diaries, blogs & social media accounts, it is by the creator of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, featuring himself as a main character - who unleashes this horror through the screening of one of his films. It is narcissistic, yet self deprecating at the same time, straddling the worlds of fiction & non fiction. Although it really is a piece of (maybe intentionally bad) shlock, I read it all the way though, and couldn't help but find it an endearing tale, targeted towards a geek horror boy audience.
review 2: This book was SO much fun. I read it all in one eve
... morening and, while I read a lot, I can scarcely remember last time I had so much fun with a book. It reminded me of World War Z in a way that there were zombies and it was told through first person accounts and it was immensely (although completely different sort of) enjoyable. So this is like a really silly really over the top B movie type of a book. Nice to see Hooper is a man of many talents, not just cinematically gifted. I wonder if he'll turn this one into a movie, it'd be a hoot. Hooper uses some autobiographical facts with some wild imaginings to spin this tale of wickedness unleashed by viewing of a long lost film he made as a teen. This book is funny and clever in a self referential satirical irreverent kind of way. It's got zombies and sex and tons of gore for horror fans as well as plenty of film making trivia for cinephiles. Outrageous and outrageously entertaining. Highly recommended. less
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Fun read, like a B movie in book form :) Loved the cultural references.
A very strange zombie apocalypse but worth the quick read.
Fun read. Like the format revealing the story.
LOL ... Literally :)
It was okay.
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