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Assassin (2009)

by Tom Cain(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
0593062310 (ISBN13: 9780593062319)
Bantam Press
Samuel Carver
review 1: The storyline of book 3 of the Carver series is a severe disappointment. Book 1 and book 2 of the series relied heavily on the conflict between the hero's business and the love to a women, Alix, for whom he went through hell and back (while she did the same for him). Actually the love to Alix drove the booth books to the peaks of the narratives.Therefore I was really looking forward to book 3 for to see how Tom Cain did develop the relationship after the epic struggles both fought to save each other's lives.But no. Cain just cut the string in one sentence. "A fair amount of time had passed, long enough for Carver and Alix to get back together, try to make it work and fail. “A real disappointment. Even worse. Just very conveniently Cain picked up a small side story from b... moreook 2, a one-night stand with a women in Europe. This is sloppy writing. Cain could have done better. Actually there is another author who did so: Andy McNab with his Nick Stone series. Stone is a Brit operative as well, doing the dirty work for the Brit services and he has trouble as well keeping is business and private life apart. McNab is doing so much better in developing his characters in his series, which are changing over time and he extremely good in providing the psychological background and the actions of the people close to him and the subsequent result.
review 2: Carver's third outing and his powers of recovery are still immense! Lots of stereotypes - stuffy white collar Englishmen arrogant Americans baddie with a grudge and a hero trying to turn a new leaf but not being allowed to do so by his past... Why Damon Tysack (baddie) doesn't just kill Carver when he has the (multiple) chance(s) to do so I am not sure. I know he wants to get one up on Carver and prove he's not the failure that his previous boss (Carver) thought he was when they were SBS colleagues but surely he would have just shot him? If not the first time he captured him but the second?Having said that it is still a good page turner and an enjoyable read. I preferred the first two though. less
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There is a lot of tension, but in places the book lacks flow. Well written, with lots of detail
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Excellent very audacious,authentic,full of tension and tradecraft
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