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Matthew Meets The Man (2012)

by Travis Nichols(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 6
1596435453 (ISBN13: 9781596435452)
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: Matthew is a typical freshman boy. Likes videogames, girls, and dreams of becoming famous in a rock band. "The Man" keeps holding him back though, and he finds that he must think outside of the box to fulfill his dream...or, at least to move beyond step 1 of buying a drum kit.It's a cute quick read. It's got some doodles interspersed throughout...ala Origami Yoda and Diary of a Wimpy Kid...but it is not nearly the same caliber (story-wise or doodle-wise) as Yoda and Diary.
review 2: While I don't think I'm the target audience for this book, I think it hits the bulls eye for preteens. And yet, I still found a lot to connect with. In addition to the plot being fun and engaging, Nichols takes advantage of his equally impressive talent as a visual artist. Drawin
... moregs by Nichols peppered throughout the book don't simply depict what's happening but enrich the reading experience. The main character is particularly like-able. Although he wants to be cool and be in a band, Matthew is smart and empathetic. A solid role model for kids, in general! I would recommend this for children 10 to 110, particularly if they're interested in music or art. Fun! less
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Cute middle school book about a boy learning to make his decisions. Funny!
Fun story, great teen boy voice. Illustrations added to the appeal.
An easy sell to Wimpy Kid fans, but not my cup of tea.
The drum kit was pretty funny and awesome.
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