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Intractable Souls (2013)

by Tricia Daniels(Favorite Author)
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Tricia Daniels
review 1: This book is a 5 stars x 2 ! OMG! I still haven't come down from the Awwww yet! This story got me going from chapter 1. Olivia & Ethan's story will take you on a journey, that you don't want to stop! From Olivia's insecurities about let her walls down and letting Ethan in. Ethan's Irish temper and him learning to control it and how he realizes that he wants her anyway he can get her even if it means tempering his deepest desires that he has for her and agreeing to her arrangement. Slowly Olivia realizes she has to deal with her painful past and let Ethan into her heart no matter how much it scares her. These characters draw you into their lives in this story. Tricia has an amazing sense of how to tell a story that has you right in it with her characters & leaves you talkin... moreg to your Kindle like they can hear you ! I could believe how drawn in I was til the end . Red eyes and all She leaves us hanging literally yelling WAIT! No you can't stop there! No, No, No I have to know what happens!!!!!!! This book is a MUST... ABSOLUTE READ!!! I can't wait for the next book to see where these character take us too!! Kudos Tricia Daniels!! I LOVED IT!!!
review 2: ok so i was gifted this book from a friend and i dont know if i want to hug her or smack her!!! Tricia takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride and you are left yearning for more and trying to figure what the heck is gonna happen!!ETHAN oh my Ethan!!!!! Intractable souls was on all mevels phenomenal. I may have gotten a little mifted when i got to the end but i am so intrigued about book 2. This is unlike any book i have ever read. Demons haunt them both and they both know they belong to one another yet life keeps them from falling into fate!! less
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OMG! This is one of the best books I've ever read!! I.Need.More.NOW!
Ugh cliffhangers... how long until next book!
DNF......not sure what the hype is about :(
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