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Vogelvrij (2010)

by Tricia Goyer(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 1
9029795824 (ISBN13: 9789029795821)
review 1: Op een of ander manier kwam ik niet door het boek heen, het was voor mij te veel geschiedenis. Wel heel erg jammer, want Tricia Goyer is zo'n goede schrijfster. Eigenlijk kan ik niet heel veel positiefs over dit boek zeggen, alleen dat het mij gewoon niet aansprak en het was nogal saai. Ik hoop dat het volgende boek dat ik lees van Tricia Goyer beter is. Ik heb dit boek beoordeeld met 1 van de 5 sterren.
review 2: The year is 1945. The war is over and 21-year-old Betty Lake has been invited to Europe to sing in a USO tour for American soldiers who now occupy Hitler’s Germany. The first night’s performance is a hit. Betty becomes enthralled with the applause, the former Nazi-held mansion they’re housed in and the attention of Frank Witt, the US Army Signal
... more Corp Photographer. Yet the next night this songbird is ready to fly the coop when Betty’s dear friend, Kat, turns up missing. Betty soon realizes Frank’s photographs could be the key to finding Kat. Betty and Frank team up against post-war Nazi influences and the two lovebirds’ hearts may find the answers...in each other. But will they have a chance for their romance to sing? The truth will be revealed under a German moon. less
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I enjoyed my trip back to 1945 Germany. This book has a bit of history, mystery, and romance.
The suspense was good. The romance lacking. The suspense was really the storyline.
This was a great story. It was very well written, and a good plot.
Fluffy, but I enjoyed the setting of post WW II Germany.
Interesting and different setting.
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