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Medina Hill (2009)

by Trilby Kent(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
0887768881 (ISBN13: 9780887768880)
Tundra Books
review 1: Medina Hill was a piece of young adult historical fiction that brings a lot of elements together including family, injustice, friendship, and leadership. I think it would be a perfect book for a middle school aged boy and maybe even girl that is interested in historical fiction.While I appreciated all the different elements and themes the author brought together (such as a mis-matched group of residents that live in the Medina Hill boarding house, the Gypsy girl that Dominic befriends, and Dominic's love of Lawrence of Arabia) there were so many different parts that I didn't know really want to focus on and I don't think I got as much from any of the plots like I had expected. I definitely wanted to know more about the residents of the boarding house and Dominic's aunt and... more uncle.I think of all the plots the one of Dominic and his Gypsy friend Sancha was the most complete. Their friendship made sense and was genuine. And I do think that the way the story unfolds is clever, how it uses all the different plot points and helps Dominic really find his voice. I also liked Dominic's sister Marlo and the personal journey that she goes through while in Medina Hill.Overall a young adult historical pick for a middle-schooler that explores a lot of topics!
review 2: Trilby creates the backdrop of this book beautifully, combining the feel of London in the 1930s and the escape into the past with Lawrence of Arabia. The difficulty of life during that period is evident in the parents of Dominic and Marlo - their mother ill and father unemployed. But, they each find their own outlets in different books. These interests peak when they leave with their Uncle Roo and connect with other people who bear the same interests. I love how their coping mechanisms grow into something tangible and important, not just slip to the side when taken away from the uncomfortable situation at home.The story holds your interest with the different events taking place. While you follow Dominic during most of the book, you get a great sense of Marlo and her own struggles. Add in the gypsies, especially one young girl, that live nearby Uncle Roo's home, and we find Dominic partaking more enchanting and fun adventures. There are other characters that add color to the pages, each one with such differing personalities and background that anyone could find a character to relate to - or know of a person just like them.I had a personal connection to this book that really put me into Dominic's shoes during his journey to speaking again. When I entered Kindergarten, I did not talk at school - at all. I was over it by the end of the year, but from that experience, I can definitely relate to the main character. Overall, I fell in love with the story and the characters and you really can't ask for anything more from a book. less
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Read in Frankfurt... ahh, memories. Awesome, fun, exciting little book. :D
Rated 3.5Reviewed for Nerds Heart YA competition
Medina Hill is rated PG for mild bullying.
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