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Noite De Reis (2012)

by Trisha Ashley(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
Quinta Essência
review 1: I don't generally read chick lit, but the pretty sparkling cover and the charity shop price of £1.50 tempted me, and in spite of low expectations, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I love a book which takes me to a desirable place, and this one took me to a snowed-in house party in a Jacobean manor house in Lancashire, with a delightful dog, a couple of beautiful horses and a great number of lovingly described festive meals. The heroine is engaging, some parts are laugh-out-loud funny, and while the romance is predictable, Ashley keeps us sufficiently on tenterhooks till the end, when the happy ending comes in just in time after the Twelfth Night revels. What a treat (and there is even an appendix with recipes, though sadly not for the quick Christmas cak... moree...)
review 2: This is a book in need of editing. There are too many exclamation marks, too much repetition of facts and not enough plot at the start of the novel. I'd got a third of the way through and was despairing at the lack of action, but I persevered and thankfully my loyalty paid off, as the story became more intriguing, to the point that it became hard to put down by the final chapters. In some ways 'Twelve Days of Christmas' reminded me of 'Cold Comfort Farm' with its miscellany of rural oddballs. It uses the device of being snowed-in to keep the characters together, (as demonstrated brilliantly in Pahmuk's 'Snow'), and the reader watches the situation pan out. I'd read this on recommendation after having read a couple of depressingly dismal reads. I wanted something light and fluffy, set in the UK and Christmassy, and in the round, this fitted the bill. As I say, just a shame it wasn't more finely polished by an editor before publishing. less
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