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Sowing Secrets (2005)

by Trisha Ashley(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 3
1847560113 (ISBN13: 9781847560117)
Harper Collins
review 1: I finished reading this more out of stubbornness than anything else. I got to the end and wondered why I bothered seeing as all the characters were so hateful! Fran was a complete doormat, and the singing/humming was a really irritating habit which was totally unnecessary to the story. Mal was despicable, and there was no reason for Fran to have continued the relationship seeing as he was so cruel, and she said as much herself! Instead all she would talk about was how gorgeous he was. Rosie was annoying and not much politer than Mal. It was difficult to believe her neighbours as anything more then caricatures. Overall I just thought it was awful.
review 2: It took me a while to get into this one, and I found that the holiday in the middle was a little jarring,
... moreI really just wanted the book to get back to Wales, which was a shame because it has some wonderful moments and I really liked the characters. Some of the minor characters were brilliant, I loved the evil neighbours and the hippy mother. Worth a read, perfect for a lazy afternoon with a glass of wine. less
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The usual great romp from Trisha Ashley. Predictable & a bit silly....but what more could you want!
Another really good book by a great author
a good easy read
2 1/2
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