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Ripple (2011)

by Tui Allen(Favorite Author)
4.41 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: This is a fantastic book, and one I highly recommend. It’s not an allegory, but rather a story that promotes dolphins as unique beings with their own methods of communication and life experiences. The characterization is strong with familiar archetypes that will pull you right into the dolphin world. It’s a hero’s journey that begins with overcoming adversity all the way up to self-mastery. It will make you look at dolphins a whole new way.
review 2: Wow! What a delightful story, you can tell the author put her heart and soul into this tale. This is a wonderfully engaging story of how a single soul learned how to share the music her soul heard with the world several millennia ago. This hard fought for development brought change to the heavens and earth. T
... morehis imaginative tale is told by the watching deities who give us a picture of a society on Azure and a bit of their society also. Tui Allen is a masterful storyteller, everyone will enjoy this journey of discovery. less
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Ithoroughly my romp in the ocean with Ripple and her family of dolphins.
So very very good - beautifully written.
Great book.Loved it!
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