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Girlchild (2012)

by Tupelo Hassman(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 1
0374162573 (ISBN13: 9780374162573)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
review 1: How fast can you grow up? Are you an adult when the state tells you, at 18 or 21? Are you an adult when you hit puberty? Or did you have adulthood forced upon you before you had a chance to prepare? Rory never gets the opportunity to experience childhood. Besides the *REDACTED TEXT* that forces adulthood on her, she's become an adult through the loss of childhood by her mother and grandmother. She grows up in the shadow of their losses, and ages quicker than most of us ever will. The title, girlchild, is almost mocking because Rory is never a child. Never has the adage age is just a number been more true. Your heart will ache for Rory Dawn, and Tupelo Hassman should be applauded for her ability to write so well.
review 2: I love short chapters and this book is
... moreall short chapters: 1-5 pages. I liked the Girl Scout handbook as Rory's guide through her super cruddy life, perhaps because my own girl was a GS. But, I never connected with any of the characters. I had a stronger connection to their home than the people and while the author wrote the setting as a major character in the story, the people were all underdeveloped. less
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Oh my fierce girl Rory! I so want to know how you are now - such is the strength of this novel.
read about 2/3rds...just needed to move on to something else...
recommended if you can get past some of the tragic episodes
The stream of consciousness writing drove me insane.
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