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Uggie--My Story (2012)

by Uggie(Favorite Author)
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1476700168 (ISBN13: 9781476700168)
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review 1: Uggie-- My Story..By Wendy Holden.. Uggie is telling his own story. He was rescued by a man that saw his potentical. He plays in movies. Omar taught him to act, in front of people and the camera. He played in the movie Water For Elephants and The Artist. He was born to act.In his home he has to get along with some cats. His favorite human is Omars daughter. He loves to water ski, be pampered by the ladies and enjoy kissing them. Such a ladies man.
review 2: Uggie is a star dog. He was in the five-time Oscar winning movie, "The Artist." And this tale, as told to Wendy Holden, produced by Simon and Schuster, is just further proof that America is a dog nation.Or a nation gone to dogs.It is a cute epistle of the Jack Russell Terrier's adventures in Hollywood, or H
... moreollyweird, as Phil from Duck Dynasty calls it.And it is actually kind of fun to read - a book that you can pick up and take with you to the doctor's office when you want to pass the time away without doing a lot of thinking and it will make you smile.After all, Uggie is a cute dog.ISBN 978-1-4767-0016-8, Simon and Schuster less
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Charming, funny. Anyone who likes dogs will enjoy this book about Uggie, the hollywood movie star.
Saw Uggie in The Artist. Waiting for his next flick.
Cute book, cute dog.
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