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Black Sun, Volume 1 (2008)

by Uki Ogasawara(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
1934129275 (ISBN13: 9781934129272)
Digital Manga Publishing
Black Sun
review 1: Leonard is a General tasked with defending Gerun Fortress. When the Fortress is overrun by the enemy, Leonard sacrifices himself in order to negotiate the freedom of his soldiers. General Jemaru Jan of the Middle Eastern Empire, accepts the deal and takes Leonard as a prisoner of war.This story chronicles Leonard's capture and the Stockholm Syndrome that develops as a result of being forced to endure Jemaru's sexual needs. The story is good so far but ends abruptly with the two men separated by the Middle Eastern King.
review 2: Ogasawara-sensei has a great way of combining an interesting story with hot guys that have a steamy relationship. This title is no different but I think it's a step above Ogasawara's previous work in that the plot line is more thoug
... moreht out and the characters go through a decent amount of development.Jamal takes an immediate, intense interest in Leonard after seeing how brave Leonard is to protect his remaining men after Jamal's forces overrun them. The way Leonard reacts under the embarrassment of being forced under Jamal only increases his interest so Jamal claims him as a prize of war and takes him back to his kingdom which shocks everyone and calls Jamal's choices into question.Leonard is forced, through his interactions and growing attraction to Jamal, to question his purity as a holy knight and to realize that what he truly might want isn't something to be ashamed of but accepted instead.There is a theme of dubious consent (dubcon) that surrounds the first interactions between Jamal and Leonard, but it takes understanding first the difference between western and eastern concepts of consent that appear in many, many manga and also the fact that Leonard needed this force in his life to realize his feelings but it still might bother anyone sensitive to such issues.Overall, I loved it! less
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I loved the first one. If only the author could complete it, I say it'd be a real treat to read.
3.5Intriguing beginning. Could be great or just okay depending on how the story plays out.
Gohatto: Holy War edition.
*nosebleed* & *drooled*
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