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Cricket Till I Die! (2011)

by Upneet Grover(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 5
8122311741 (ISBN13: 9788122311747)
Pustak Mahal
review 1: Vineet is our quintessential boy, working for an imminent IT firm and loving the job. He keeps doing the routine job with a hope that one day hewill crack through an MBA institute and move out for a better prospect. His dream comes true and he chucks everything to pursue the degree which he felt would give him freedom. He moves back to his hometown Delhi to pursue his MBA degree but fate had decided something else for him. A chance encounter with a local cricket team made him live the dream which he was scared to follow. After few hiccups he has a dream run and is in the process of being selected for the Delhi T 20 teams but that means chucking the MBA degree. What will Vineet Do? Will he achieve his ultimate dream of wearing the national jersey? Will he live the dream? Or... more will he get close to touching it & then forgetting it forever? Read the book to know more. My Verdict The book is a racy read and starts off well. I could easily relate to the feelings & attitude of Vineet towards his workplace. But the easy way with which Vineet starts achieving everything was kind of unbelievable forme and that was the part which didn’t work for me. My other grouch with the book is the bollywoodish flavour. However as far as readability, plot, pace etc. are concerned the book is bang on. You will relate to the characters, you will feel happy when the protagonist goes through the highs & lows in his career, love et al. All in all a one sit light read. I wish the author had spent some more time developing the plot instead of taking the convenient route of being bollywoodish. My Rating 2.75/5
review 2: An extremely well written book, with a dreamy and inspirational story of average Indian teenager having a dream of donning the coveted blues and representing Indian cricket team. Almost every reader will be able to associate himself with the real life characters and situations and constant pangs and struggle of middle class youth looking for find the answer to the question: Whether to make a good career with a well paid corporate job or follow his heart and chase his childhood dreams. A nice refreshing read and highly recommended for people with unfinished dreams in life....... less
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a must read for all who are passionate about living their passion.. truly written from the heart...
Simply INCREDIBLE stuff...never seemed that like written by a novice..
its entertaining....and I guess that what you want a book to be
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