What I read in August 2017

I mentioned in my previous post in this series that I had started reading two more books. I have now finished reading them and read another two books as well.

Good wives? by Margaret Forster is a book I recommend highly. (So much so that hubby read it and enjoyed it too!)

I borrowed the hard-back edition (pictured) from the library, where there was a display of Margaret Forster’s books. She was the wife of Hunter Davies, another author. I regret that I did not read any of her books during her lifetime.

The book consists of three biographies of woman, who married famous men. After each Forster compares her own life and views with those of the woman she wrote about. The book was well-researched and well-written. I found I could only read one or two chapters at a time in order to digest what I had read.

It contains a lot of good sense.


A Walk in the Wood: Poems by John Chambers is a self-published booklet (2010) by a member of the writing group I attend. I read it from cover to cover a few poems at a time. As I am hoping to publish some of my own poems soon I was interested to see how this might be done. A Walk in the Wood was printed and bound by MyPoetryBooks of Peterborough, possibly superseded by Poetry Now. I enjoyed these poems about nature and faith.

The third book I read was one, which I found in a second-hand book sale. The Girl on the Train: She knows you. But you don’t know her.

I had read a lot about this book as it was a New York Times #1 bestseller, but no-one I know had said they enjoyed it. It is written from the points of view of three women. There is a lot of suspense and the outcome is quite a surprise. To me the book seemed unsatisfactory in that it concentrated on the darker side of human nature with no real chance of recovery or redemption. The ending gave faint hope, but was not convincing to me.

The other book I read was one I have read and reviewed previously. Life is somewhat stressful for me and likely to become busier next month so I reread Dr Kate Middleton’s book about Stress. It has lots of useful information and there are a few people I know, who might benefit from reading it. My earlier review is here.

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