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Children And Fire (2011)

by Ursula Hegi(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 2
1451608292 (ISBN13: 9781451608298)
Burgdorf Cycle
review 1: This is tricky.I think that I might rate this higher if it were my first time reading Ursula Hegi. But it's my 3rd time and I know she's capable of things like "Stones from the River", a book set in the same town as "Children and Fire" but much less ornate in its story-telling.For my taste, "Children" and its focus on the relationship between a teacher and a classroom full of boys - in particular her defense of a young child who wishes to join the Hitler-Jugend - was a bit too heavy on dramatics and felt like a whole lot of false sentimentality. It just didn't connect with me.This is Hegi's 4th book set in the town of Burgdorf, Germany. All the books have some common characters.Hegi can write. But if this is your first time visiting her works, I would recommend starting el... moresewhere.
review 2: I loved the author's writing style. The prose was beautiful, and the story was told simply and directly. Thekla is a likeable and sympathetic character who struggles with the conflict of reconciling herself with the secrets of the past, her attitude toward the Fuhrer, in which direction to steer her students - to join or not to join the Hitler-Jugend, her guilt over an incident with a student, and her relationship with her Jewish mentor. She is above all committed to her students and maintaining her teaching job. I would love to read another novel about this particular character as so many things were left unresolved. less
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Disappointing- very disjointed and abrupt end. What was the point of this book?!
One of my favorite authors. This book is beautifully written.
Not as fascinating as Stones from the River
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