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Fünf (2012)

by Ursula Poznanski(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 2
3805250312 (ISBN13: 9783805250313)
Beatrice Kaspary
review 1: It reads like a first foray into the crime genre. The blurb made the book sound great, but I am really disappointed. There is almost no tension. The concept of geo-caching is interesting and something I haven't come across in crime fiction, but the author (Archer or Poznanski, I don't know why she has different surnames on different language editions) bombards the reader with the same information regarding it ALL THE TIME, as if the person reading it has the memory of a goldfish. The characters are pretty lacklustre, too, and I feel as if the author played safe with them. She could've done more to make them more memorable and stick out against other characters in the genre.
review 2: I picked up this book because it was one of the few books in a "3 paperbacks f
... moreor 10€" campaign I hadn't read and I'm glad I picked it up. It deals with murders where the murderer leads the detectives to solve geocaching clues to advance in the investigation and I think that aspect is what makes this novel stand out from the regular crime novels. I personally know very little about geocaching, but the story was still very easy to follow and had I not spoiled the ending for myself the murderer might have come as a surprise. The motive sure did. Obviously there are all the personal struggles and relationship drama the main character is going through, but it's well integrated into the story and slightly different from the rest of the bunch. Bonus points from me for the fact that this is Austrian and the events take place in Salzburg, one of the cities I love visiting. I know I'm going to pick up the next books in the series as well, this kept me in its grip so well. less
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Didn't see that coming. Loved the plot twist. TFTH, mrs. Poznanski!
Hyvin punottu juoni geokätköilyn ympärille.
Novela lenta, muy lenta.
Me ha gustado mucho
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