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Genkaku Picasso, Vol. 1 (2010)

by Usamaru Furuya(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
1421536757 (ISBN13: 9781421536750)
Genkaku Picasso
review 1: 10/10I really enjoyed his book very much. I love the story how its but out and it makes everything interest and makes y want to read more of the story. I love the art work in the graphic novel. I mostly love this book because this can relate to me in many ways, i am an artist and i love to draw from my heart and i always care about people always wonder what its like inside their heart and wish i could help that person. Sometimes when someone is say i like to draw a picture for them and make them feel better.... so yea i really love this book, I strongly recommend this book for students who are interested in graphic novels and manga books
review 2: Well, this is like the first manga I've ever read (kinda sad, I know) so....... I'm not really sure how to rate or
... morereview this :/ I guess I enjoyed reading it (though backwards comic-book fashion does take some getting used to), but I have nothing to compare it to, so I don't really know if it was good or not......? So I'm just gonna go with a happy medium at three stars, and maybe write a better review for this when I'm a more experienced manga reader. less
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this manga has an original style and concept. I really enjoyed it.
It is a really interesting story and it deserves being read.
Good story with a different style of art.
Wow. This was just WOW.
3 1/2
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