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The Lovers (2010)

by Vendela Vida(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 2
0060828390 (ISBN13: 9780060828394)
review 1: I really enjoyed this book, and it was worth replacing it twice when I lost it on two separate airplanes. I was so, so close to giving it five stars. But. Vendela Vida. Why do you feel the need to throw in these weird moments where your otherwise perfectly active and interesting female protagonists suddenly get very ill or injured and pass out or almost pass out and then have to be rescued, often by a man? It's like a nineteenth century novel. It's weird. Like. The crisis and self-doubt can all be internal. They don't have to literally bleed all over the place and lose consciousness.
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed this self-contained and quietly moving novel of a widow slightly unhinged by grief, who discovers through a tragedy the limits of her ability to cont
... morerol her world and reconnects with her wayward daughter. Vida's precise and undemonstrative prose admirably captures a sense of place (a moth-eaten beach resort in the south-western corner of Turkey), and gently plays on the trope of the self-absorbed Westerner abroad. Unlike "Everything Beautiful Came After" by Simon van Booy, which I read immediately before "The Lovers," Vida limits weighting the story with mythic resonances and maintains a steady tone of voice and mood throughout. The novel is all the better for it. As long as you except this novel's modest aims—no grandiose notions of encapsulating the essence of a country, place, or time here—then I think its quiet but resonant rewards are considerable. less
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Small and lovely! The perfect antidote to the blah books I've been reading lately.
Good book, makes you think, but I did not care for the main character @ all.
Started strong and then dipped off. Glad it was just a library loan.
This was a super boring book devoid of any plot.
ok book. Deceiving title.
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