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The Christie Curse (2013)

by Victoria Abbott(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 4
042525528X (ISBN13: 9780425255285)
A Book Collector Mystery
review 1: This is the first book in A Book Collector Mystery series. Jordan Bingham is in need of a job and what better way to put her English degree to use than to help a wealthy, eccentric person track down a rumored Agatha Christie play that may or may not exist. I loved the fact that Jordan's relatives aren't the most respectable of people even though they have hearts of gold and are willing to help Jordan at any cost. A solid first book in a series that I would definitely like to read more of.
review 2: The book was well-paced until the ending, which seemed a little abrupt, but didn't detract from this clever mystery. I enjoyed the characters and the writing style. I agree with some reviews that the "list" toward the middle bogged it down somewhat, but again, it di
... moredn't ruin it for me. It seems that so much writing now is "dumbed down", and this wasn't. Very witty and literate. I've also read a few books lately that don't give a good feel of setting - some of them don't even mention the location. This one did a good job of placing the setting in Upstate New York without getting overly bogged down in descriptions, and also didn't have too much dialogue, which can be exhausting to read sometimes. Very nice balance of dialogue and description. I also agree with some other reviewers that the Van Alst mansion almost seemed like a character in itself. Looking forward to reading more of this series. less
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Read all I could get my hands on. The characters are interesting and enjoyable.
This was a well written mystery with great book references! (3.5)
First cozy had some problems with development but I enjoyed it.
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