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The Perfect Hero (2011)

by Victoria Connelly(Favorite Author)
3.07 of 5 Votes: 2
1847562264 (ISBN13: 9781847562265)
Austen Addicts
review 1: Not going to finish this.Half way reading & it already annoys me TOO MUCH. Too much as in, I HARDLY leave when mid-way reading but this one takes the cake.My earlier review:Havent finished yet, I'm in the middle but I can tell you this book will surely get my first 1 star rating. Especially because of Kay. Kay infatuation is so annoying. Are you sure this is a WOMEN FICTION because she sure as hell does not act like one. Reading the reviews below I might as well ditch this for good. 1 NIGHT STAND with that guy? You freaking kidding me? LMAO BYE FOR GOOD.
review 2: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy seemed to have all sorts of problems for me. For starters, the title. I think Mr. Darcy was used because people are more familiar with that name than Captain Wentworth. But it
... more really should have been called Dreaming of Captain Wentworth. Or maybe Obsessing About Captain Wentworth. I was annoyed by people "falling in love" in just moments. I found myself bored by the daydream sequences. And I think Oli may have a sex addiction. Could have totally done without that in the book. And I thought just about everything in the story line was predictable except the creepy lighting guy who kept showing up out of no where and never really had his character developed enough to figure out if he was actually creepy or a good guy. So it was an okay read but not more than that. less
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Meh. It's always a hard read when you think the main character is really immature at age 31.
While it was a good read I enjoyed the first book in the series more.
Cute, light story for lovers of Jane Austen. Predictable but sweet.
Loved the series. Feel good factor books.
Not bad. Definitely not Jane Austen.
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