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A Weekend With Mr. Darcy (2011)

by Victoria Connelly(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 5
1402251327 (ISBN13: 9781402251320)
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review 1: The book promised more than it could give. I have to agree with some other reviews; it was quite bland and boring. Characters were very plain and relationships were a bit.. weird. "Oh look, I only met you last night but I love you so much. Please move in with me?" I LOVE chick lit but I also want the story, characters and relationships to evolve over time. In this book they just didn't. I also didn't like the "ohh now we're in love, then I discover your dark secret and we fight, ohh I forgive you and we're in love again". Pretty predictable, don't you think? It shows no imagination at all.
review 2: This was a fun read. However, the character development became stagnant during the second half of the book. I felt it became somewhat repetitive. On the bright side
... more, as a fan of Jane Austen, I enjoyed the discussion of her novels and other books and various film/TV adaptions that have spawned from her works. This would make a great road trip or beach read. You won't get terribly lost if you have to put the book down in the middle of a chapter. less
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Good summer read. Too many Jane Austen cliches but cute storyline. Predictable, yet entertaining.
I really enjoyed this book, it was romantic and the heroines were immensly likeable!
Enjoyed this. A must for all Austen lovers
cute,easy fun read
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