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Etsin Sinua, Mr. Darcy (2013)

by Victoria Connelly(Favorite Author)
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Austen Addicts
review 1: Apparently I missed reading the first of this trilogy and read the 2nd and now this, the 3rd. After writing my review for the 2nd one I decided I had been too generous with 2 stars and changed it to one. This one I did like better than Dreaming of Mr. Darcy but it still wasn't a great book. It was just better. Really the only reason I read this one was because I had checked out both books from the library at the same time. I'm sure I wouldn't have sought out another after reading book #2. I'm still bothered that the main characters in both books fall in love at the drop of a hat. No one seems to have any common sense or is able to stand back for two seconds to see the folly of a situation. This book models Sense and Sensibility but instead of having one character th... moreat follows her heart (passions)and the other that uses her head and common sense, we have two that can't seem to control themselves even though the one usually tries to control everything in her life. Anyway, if you want to read about people who are obsessed with Austen but behave badly go ahead and read it. I will say that I did like the men that are the good guys in the end of the story.
review 2: This book was pretty awful, but perfect for me for two reasons. First, before I read this book, I was in the longest struggle I have maybe ever had to read. I know my life is busy and I need to take where my head is into account. I kept trying all these serious, weighty books that I had heard great things about, and just could not get through one. I finally realized, sometimes in my life I just need to read, no matter what. It's the act I need, not necessarily the content. I come from a long line of family readers who like their brainless books, and sometimes you just have to give in and enjoy the schmaltz. There is a reason chick lot is so popular! Hoping I can transition back to "real" books soon :) but for now this ridiculous book is what I needed. Ps: would I recommend this book, even for a fellow Austen lover? Um, no. :) The second reason this book was good for me was because I need reminders like this one once In a awhile that if THIS book can be published (and apparently it is a series?!) then maybe someday I will be able to write a book and see it in print too ;) I know, terrible of me, but so so cheesy and saccharine, and, really?! You are bad because you got a divorce? You fell in love after two days? Blech, and I'm a romantic! Just not written well, but watch I read her other ones! Fool me twice :) less
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Fans of 'Sense & Sensibility' should like this one.
Nothing unexpected, but a fun and fast read.
Best written of the trilogy!
Kiva välipala :)
finished 2/4/14
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