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Süß Wie Die Sünde (2010)

by Victoria Dahl(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
3404168585 (ISBN13: 9783404168583)
Bastei Lübbe
York Family
review 1: A funny light hearted book based around a family drawn to scandal, and centered around the youngest daughter who is though to be the most level headed and respectable member of said family; but turns out to be the most outrageous and scandalous of the bunch! Marrissa's ideas on what would make a man a good husband are rather outrageous, or would that be outlandish. While I quite enjoyed this book I think that it serves as a good example on what noble women of that time were raised and programed to look for. Quite makes me glad that I live now and not back then. Over all I give this book a solid 4 stars!
review 2: So, so onlyThe heroine was young, but not so young, as to justify her childish and totally immature behavior. She's described as shallow and she sure
... moreis, but that doesn't make her more likable. I do not understand that her family never was stricter with her and never saw anything.The hero, on the other hand, is a bit bland; he's both illegitimate though acknowledged and rough-looking. For those reasons he's always been convinced that he had to work to make himself liked and that he had to do more efforts for that that any other. I liked the moment when he finally has his epiphany.The heroine was supposed to mature and finally realized that the true beauty is not that of the limb but that of the soul and communion. She did not convince me.I also kept thinking that none of the story could have happen as described at the time when the story is supposed to take place - the strictest time of the Victorian era. And that always bothers me a little, when no efforts seem to be done to remain a little close to the historic reality.At the end of the book, I did not believe in their HEA together. Hence my low quotation. less
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Very good book. Consider this her best work. Loved everything about this book.
I did not like the heroine at all. I found her shallow and spoiled.
This girl needs to learn the term "Just say no."
good book!
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