Festive Movie Marathon (#3) 

Susan Slept Here  (1954)

While this isn’t the sort of film that I’d consider to be a Christmas movie, it is set at Christmas time. Still counts,right?

It’s certainly quirky that the film is narrated by an Oscar award but most of all this film reeked of Hollywood filmic pandering. In trying to be self aware, I don’t think it succeeded very well and the premise dropped off quickly after that. It felt as if the film was trying to give the film’s narrative an acceptable tone because it had Hollywood and screenwriting at its centre.

The film belies its theatre beginnings through limited scene changes as well as its very flat characters, with their bland motivations and theatrical acting styles. Debbie Reynolds as Susan, the juvenile delinquent at the centre of the story, showed acting promise here but isn’t given the chance to stretch her acting legs.

The film goes to great lengths to deny the jailbait nature of the narrative. I don’t think this film could be made these days, especially with the predatory nature of Hollywood itself.

Not the most conventional Christmas film, it is certainly nice to have a change of film viewing. Perhaps not the best film in the world (it dragged on at times despite only being about 90 minutes long) it is probably good for those people who are fans of Debbie Reynolds’ films.

MY RATING: ** / *****

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