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Boycotts & Barflies (2010)

by Victoria Michaels(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
1936305003 (ISBN13: 9781936305001)
Omnific Publishing
review 1: This was a cute and sarcastically funny read... Quite witty! It's all based on the premise of a bet.. There guys and three girls decide to stay away from losers and barflies for a named amount of time... They coincidentally meet each other and fall in luv.... And the main characters, due to the aforementioned bet of no sex or anything you wouldn't want to see your parents doing.. Really do become friends and fall head first in Luv a d have to wait till the very end to get physical....Different and refreshing...
review 2: funny book. nothing elaborate. very fluffy and light read. a bit sappy at moments. however, the other didn't give much thought to differences between how girls relate to each other and how guys do. the trio of guys was pretty much a reflecti
... moreon of the girls trio. also, one of the couples, Meg and Ryan, was completely useless for the development of the plot. in my opinion, it would've been better if they hadn't existed at all. less
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Hilarious and fabulously written. One of my favorite books now.
Fun read.
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