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Drift (2009)

by Victoria Patterson(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
0547054947 (ISBN13: 9780547054940)
Mariner Books
review 1: This book was well-written and interesting enough, but I didn't think it offered anything I hadn't read or seen before. Rich people have problems too. Like I said, really well-written, but for some reason the focus seemed to be more on Newport Beach than the characters. Newport Beach came across as regular, while it was the characters that shined and should have been at the foreground of the novel instead of Newport Beach. This might have been more interesting if the novel took place in Nowheresville instead of the author trying to write about her intimate knowledge of a place that's become a cliche for privileged Southern California life. I look forward to reading something else from the author, though, who is clearly talented.
review 2: I really enjoyed this
... morelinked collection set in Newport Beach. I think that Patterson is a great writer, and her stories took me into the lives of people (and a place--Orange County) I'm not used to seeing in literature. I liked the way that there would be subtle and compelling links between the stories, so that you'd learn more and more about the characters as you experienced them in a web of interaction. Nice variety of voices and points of view, too. I look forward to Patterson's novel. less
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A book of linked stories. A very modern sensibility, but not sufficiently engaging for me.
Memorable. I'm still thinking about the brain injured skater and poor little Rosie.
Such vivid characters and story-telling that left me breathless at times.
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