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Murder In Chelsea (2013)

by Victoria Thompson(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 2
0425260410 (ISBN13: 9780425260418)
Berkley Hardcover
Gaslight Mystery
review 1: This is one Victoria Thompson best books. Someone inquires at the mission for Catherine's where abouts. Sarah and Maeve go to see this person. They learned that Catherine's Mother's wants her back. Sarah is heartbroken especially after she learns her father want Catherine to live with him. Her Father is dying and she is afraid that Catherine will have no one who cares for after he dies. Sarah seeks the help of Frank and her parents to help Catherine.
review 2: I read a lot of historical mysteries each year, but I'd never found myself choosing one of Victoria Thompson's Gaslight Mysteries before. I waffled a bit between three stars and four, but I think that might be simply because I began so far in the series. Even though I'd never read previous ones, this held
... more my interest and I could easily figure out who everyone was as they came on stage in the novel, which is why I settled on the four-star rating. At times, however, I didn't feel the story pulling me in with the depth I usually find in historical mysteries, and felt the author relied too heavily on dialogue instead of building a picture for me to enter as a reader. Still, as I already mentioned, this was my first read in this series, and I do want to highlight the fact that the author truly made this book readable from the start for me, as a new reader. The characters were interesting and the mystery pulled me in. I was surprised that there wasn't really any related midwifery tasks by Sarah, but that's likely already well-covered in earlier works in this series. I also liked reading the author's note at the end, and learning the evolution of the idea behind this novel. less
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The last few chapters are the best part. I reread them immediately after finishing the book.
FINALLY!!! 4.5 stars.
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