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The Practice Date (2000)

by Victorine E. Lieske(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Light easy reading that is not detailed enough. Reads like a short story. Just looked up the print length in Amazon and not sure how this could only be 38 pages. So, basing this on a short story, it had to be rushed and was fun to read. I guess I would have just preferred something longer with more details. I did like the plot, just would have preferred it not to be so rushed.I hate that this is going to destroy my page per book average for the year. But on the plus note, it helps me with the books read for the year challenge. LOL
review 2: Actually this is one of the better romances out there because it lacks the fluff. Jane's crazy about her childhood friend Lance but for some time, he's excluded her from his life while he hangs out with the "cool" c
... morerowd. Now he's asking for her help in transforming him from the nerd that he is so that he can ask pretty Tiffany to the prom. Jane's heart sinks but to spend time with him, she tells him she'll do it. When they go out looking for "cool" clothes for him, he treats Jane to lunch and she sees that as a date. He still brings up Tiffany and her heart drops. At what point will she tell him "Enough is enough" or declare her feelings for him?Romance writers would do well to follow the lead here and be original. Limit the fluff. And by all means, nix the dead parent sob story.Ya, 4 stars for originality. And decent story. less
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3.5 starsThis was a sweet short story. I would have liked it even better as a novel.
Short and sweet. A bit too sweet.
Is a great book to read
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