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Gone 'til November (2010)

by Wallace Stroby(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 3
0312560249 (ISBN13: 9780312560249)
Minotaur Books
review 1: Single mother, sheriff's deputy Sara Cross is the 2nd officer to arrive on scene: a roadside shooting (justified?)with only her colleague's word to go by. Who is this dead man from Newark and why did he die on a rural road in Florida? Flash to the inner-city drug scene in Newark, and know that a veteran "enforcer" will soon be a part of the mix. Great story from page one--steady pace, interesting characters, and complex choices. Add in the family and cancer side stories and you'll want to read all of Stroby's books. Certainly one of my best reads this year. Compare to Donald Harstad,Craig Johnson or Mary Logue for rural police procedurals with urban connections.
review 2: Rating books is difficult for me. I would give this one 4.25 stars. It is written very
... more differently from The White Road by John Connolly which I read just before this one. It is sparsely written. Stroby doesn't get bogged down in back story and detail. There is just the right amount of detail to get a feeling for the place and people, and the story moves right along. Not an easy balance to reach, and Stroby does so beautifully. The main characters are Sara Cross, a deputy sheriff in Florida, and Morgan, a career criminal from New Jersey who heads to Florida to recover some property belonging to a New Jersey drug dealer. Their paths cross in an interesting fashion. I like how human, flawed, and real Sara Cross and Morgan are. I hope there are more Sara Cross stories forthcoming. Highly recommended. less
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Boring. Drags. Don't care about the characters. Plot is stupid.
Good read - quick and not too deep
didn't finish
Pretty good
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