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Outcasts United: The Story Of A Refugee Soccer Team That Changed A Town (2012)

by Warren St. John(Favorite Author)
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0385741944 (ISBN13: 9780385741941)
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
review 1: Really enjoyed this book. True story about a female soccer coach who takes a group of refugees from various countries and creates a team. Really highlights the horrific situations that these particular refugees are coming from in their own countries. This particular version is the youth edition; my community did a community-wide read with this book, with the idea that the books will be donated back to the school for them to use in their middle school classrooms. Great book for discussion groups.
review 2: In this novel, Luma became a coach for the refugee boys team. She was strict on how the boys trained and played during the game. Even though it was a rough couple years training and hard dedication, it made a change in the town and how families came togethe
... morer with the troubles in their life. Luma went out of her way to do anything for the fugees. I would recommend this book to anyone and relates to the main character. less
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This book is a very touching book that makes people get up from the sofa and go help these refugees.
I pretty good book just alot of characters and I had to remember alot for a competition.
Very inspiring! :)
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