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Darwin Awards VI (2000)

by Wendy Northcutt(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Have you ever seen someone acting ridiculous and thought to yourself, "I sincerely hope they do not breed." That is the basis of the series, death is not humorous in itself but when seen through the eyes of the author and editors it's easy to see the funny side in these stories. More often that not you are left asking, "How could they not see that coming?" Like the other books in the series this one is good for short breaks as each story is only 1-2 pages long and lets the reader grab a quick bite of humor when they need it. There are also short informative and entertaining scientific articles between each chapter that sometimes leave facts wandering through your mind long after the failed challenges accepted by the individuals starring in the brief stor... moreies.
review 2: This is the 6th Darwin Awards book, and it was a typical collection of true and some "not confirmed true" stories of unbelievably stupid things people have done. What stood out for me with this book were the science essays in between chapters. Those were fascinating! I learned things about genetics that I never knew before. In fact, I took notes! Northcutt included the best, simplest, most layperson-understandable explanation of how cancer cells work that I've ever read. The book is worth reading just for those essays, if you're not interested in the other stuff. less
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I've generally always liked the Darwin Awards books, and this one is no exception.
Didn't really find this as funny as I expected to (or at all).
Was ok, maar helft van de verhalen niet echt gebeurd.
My guilty pleasure reading...
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