Divine Convergence

I was reviewing some of my notes and paused at these words.  It seemed to be referring to an event or point in time.  Taking all that we are, have done and merging into, now.  A union.  Where what might have been multiple aspects/streams/worlds come back to, one.   It can be on a personal and collective level and… I’d bet happens more often than we realize in different forms and fashions.  Those moments where it all syncs up. 

When a process is complete.  So it’s not when this will happen… as it already has and will continue.  Maybe it’s just some convergences seem a bit grander (and require time/planning/each doing their part) than others.

As I was falling asleep, another word choice came to mind – harmonic convergence.  Oh yes, the symphony of the Universe and life (you know how I love music).  To attune and bring into harmony.  We are each playing our part/instrument.

And… these moments could also be viewed as a cosmic alignment (yet isn’t is always :).

This seemed to fit into another theme that I’ve been getting messages on.  For me theme message will come in stages and unfold over days or even weeks.  And often it will just be one of many possible topics to work/ponder on.  So the topic/word choice was clear yet the variety of messages seemed to stretch me a bit, as if from quite different perspectives/energies/dimensions.  And then I had signs and synchronies, too.  So I had to gather all and then… chill… as there was an element of foreign/fear that arose as I received one of the messages.  (Like, how do I weave all of this together?  What’s true?  What’s my truth?)  We are the makers of our destiny and at times, choices are very important.  Honoring, too, all that we receive as it all serves a purpose.  And we have the gifts of free will, letting go and… alchemy; to make into something greater/purposeful.

I am blessed as 98% of the messages I hear are helpful, easy or spot on and often feel divine/of unconditional love.  Yes, an occasional kick-in-the-ass as I do need this (certain this is from my higher-self, lol).  And many are often tied into music, movies and humor!  ❤

So I’ll share the short version, what I’ve come to understand at this time.  The energies of August may be more powerful than I would have assumed.  I mean this has been an intense (more accelerated) ride this past year or so yet many have reached a state of peace and bliss, we can be a bit clueless.  Yet we’re also very grounded here for a reason – to assist others.  So the Lion’s Gate may take on new meaning and it may be similar/again/amplified with the Total Solar Eclipse energy.  There’s no way I can relay how as each is in their own moment.  It will be the kick-off for some, others will be high, low, grounded, burned-out, seeing the multiverse, in peace or totality, etc., etc.  If you are experiencing it, it’s normal.

As far as the foreign/highlighting a bit of fear message… I knew this was in my mind/cellular memory (not heart) and was to clear.  I found myself attuning by oming/chanting.  Honestly though at first by groaning, several minutes – yikes, lol.  Yet I found the right tone and was refreshed/at peace/no worries again.  We don’t need to attach any logic/stories; keep it simple and shift it.

For those who’ve followed along here you know the wild ride it’s been.  And what a gift to connect with so many!  We’ve slowly and consistently chipped away and discovered.  There’s been pauses, a lot of repetition and those gems we’ve discover.  Also big leaps!  I was reminded of how much progress we’ve made even recently as I re-read a post I’d wrote less than two months ago.  Wow, how this has all come together on a new level.  That was then and this is amazing now!  Well, it’s all been amazing.

I will also humbly share a moment… as it also ties in and may assist another.  Weeks ago a soul sister sent me a message on how all the 1st wavers were in union and included me in that group.  I smiled yet knew.  While I had traits of the 1st wave of volunteers, feeling more in the between/2nd and very aware, grateful and much respect to the first and forerunners.  I guess I was still thinking of this as a linear/time/age thing yet, it’s not.  It is an energy thing.  HA and but of course!  So as I sat in meditation, the image was something that resonated with me yet trust that it can present in a million+ different ways.  It was a mass welcome and union.  ❤

Hundreds of surfers paddle into place just north of the Huntington Beach Pier in Huntington Beach as they create the world’s largest paddle out “Surfing Circle of Honor” in Huntington Beach Tuesday morning, June 20, 2017. (Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County Register/SCNG) A total of 511 surfers float on their boards and hold hands in the ocean to create the world’s largest paddle out “Circle of Honor” in Huntington Beach Tuesday morning, June 20, 2017. (Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County Register/SCNG)

It was explained that when one -which is all of us- do the work, we can catch up to and be anything.  TIME/age/dates don’t matter… and we know this.

(Messages/stages are set in time/space for when your energy/vibration reaches it.  Many are in some ways generic like New Earth, etc., yet you place your personal spin on them and move on.)

So, a last thought (for now):  There does seem to be reminders and energy of, endings.  So that the new can start.  For some they will be leaving the time/process of tests, trail and tribulation… and some will be entering.  Yet oh the gifts that will shine through – what’s truly important.  And flipping energy.  During though perceiving all as neutral may help; we don’t control/force/push.  Also that as one assimilates this now energy, one might not realize and/as it will unfold over weeks/months.  Some may feel their “pod” or track has/will change – soon to see in their reality.   For some it may be significant and we have been well prepared.

Wishing all a graceful, in joy and love August/now passageway.  ❤



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