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The Temple Experience: Passage To Healing And Holiness (2012)

by Wendy Ulrich(Favorite Author)
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1462110851 (ISBN13: 9781462110858)
Cedar Fort, Inc.
review 1: I'm a big fan of Wendy Ulrich - have followed her work since hearing an impressive FAIR talk. I love her honesty and her owning up to the complexity of faith. For a number of reasons (including spiritual and ecclesiastical abuse experienced by family members and loved ones) I've not returned to the temple in 20 years. Last few years I've felt a yearning to return, fueled by my own evolving faith and personal needs, but also my reading of Margaret Barker, a Methodist researcher with amazing insights about temple theology.I read Wendy's temple book as devotional reading with my wife. We'd curl up together and take turns reading paragraphs. Some points were very moving for us. By book's end I had completed a decision process to return to the temple. My recommend is now all si... moregned and ready - we're just looking now for the time to get down there!Thank you Wendy for your thoughtful and steady faith, and for looking deeply at things that so many of us take for granted!
review 2: This is a remarkable book. It insightfully blends principles of psychology, personal healing, and spirituality. The ideas will help readers heal and find peace with the Divine. It introduces novices to the principles of temple worship and it gives devotees more food for thought. It is a book that can help you better make sense of the difficulties which inevitably arise. Wendy is a great speaker, but an even better writer. less
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I greatly admire Wendy Ulrich and consider her influence to be as far-reaching as Catherine Thomas
So many insights. I know this is going to make a difference in my Temple experiences.
Saw Wendy at Education Week and we were able to reconnect while she signed my book.
I work for the company that publishes this book. To read on my lunch break...
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