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He Found Me (2014)

by Whitney Barbetti(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 2
1499395809 (ISBN13: 9781499395808)
He Found Me
review 1: I was immediately hooked with the first page. I felt like I was reading a Nicholas Sparks book! I hated what Cora had to go through and needed to know what happened. I did find myself skimming some parts of the ranch scenes. I love Rosa and how sweet she was. I didn't feel right about Julian and I knew he was hiding something. My heart was pounding with Cora went back to her old house. I am anxious to read Book 2!
review 2: I waver between a 4 an 5 stars with this book....why...well I didn't like the ending to be honest. I know it is set up so there can possibly be another book but I was like... WHAT!! Over all it was a good book, strong characters and story line. There are some twists and turns in there that keep your attention. You are rooting right from the
... morestart for "Andra" to get away from the life that she has. Then the place she ends up sounds wonderful and helps her heal emotionally. Then of course Julian checks into her life, literally, right into the cabin a few doors down. It was a good book and I guess if there is a sequel I will probably read it just cause I want to find out what happens now!? less
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Cliffhanger!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for the n xt book!
Falling Anthology
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