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In The Fields (2000)

by Willow Aster(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: Willow Aster sure has a talent for breaking your heart wide open. Caroline's story is so devastating, and unbelievably unfair. Every person, in every lifetime will have their share of sorrows, but Caroline seems to have quite a bit more than her fair share. Without her biological family, she continues to move forward, and take one more step every day. Throughout circumstances that would have most people crumbling, she overcomes and finds a family of her own.
review 2: 3.5-4 stars. I love Willow Aster's writing; she's an auto one-click for me. True Love Story is one of my favorite books this year, and while I didn't like this one nearly as much, I can appreciate this great story and characters and applaud her for writing something different. It's well-written, e
... moremotional and heartbreaking at times, but it has a slower pace and some huge miscommunications that I found frustrating. No steam in this one but I definitely felt the love between the characters. Overall I enjoyed it and can't wait to read what Willow Aster does next. less
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Very hard to read at times, but this book is good for your soul. Well done, Willow Aster!
Amazing! Beautiful and heartbreaking. I didn't want to put it down.
So so so good! A must read.
Bent Not Broken
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