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Vicksburg, 1863 (2009)

by Winston Groom(Favorite Author)
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0307264254 (ISBN13: 9780307264251)
review 1: Another book by the same author that wrote Shiloh. This book gives some of the same details about Ulysses S Grant, Sherman and others. I didn't realize much of the information about Jefferson Davis. With the fall of Vicksburg, the Union controlled the Mississippi River and the Confederacy was divided. The outcome of the war was essentially decided and it is unfortunate that Jefferson Davis insisted on carrying on with the fight. Sherman's attitude was one of "Hard war" and he is famous for his march to the sea. However, once the south surrendered, he offered them very generous terms...for which he was vilified by people in the north.
review 2: Nothing new, good read. Another book that shows Grant’s abilities as a general and politician were extremely un
... morederestimated. The book did not answer the question why people will fight for a bad cause. The slavers had a reason to fight, but the average southern had no real stake in the war. The book also did not answer the question why the south’s elite continue the war even though they knew it was lost. less
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Thoroughly researched but jumps around a lot, which can make it a little hard to follow.
Winston one of the great and complete writers on the waring conflicts of mankind.
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